Streamlining Customer Relationships

Optimizing customer interactions and fostering loyalty through effective management of customer data, run campaigns effectively, get the ROI from every campaign to improve business growth and customer satisfaction.

What We Do

We help businesses effectively manage customer interactions and relationships. It enables companies to store and organize customer data, track customer behavior, and streamline various processes such as sales, marketing and customer service.

Zumax CRM provides a centralized platform for managing customer information, communication history and sales opportunities. It empowers businesses to deliver personalized experiences, improve customer satisfaction, quality of leads and build long-term relationships.

We offer a secure platform for businesses and allow everyone to log in and access it conveniently, enabling employees to manage it anytime and anywhere. Our privacy system provides the assignment of specific access levels to employees, determining which customers they can view and interact with to optimize the customer-centric strategies and drive growth.

All-In-One CRM Solution

Our comprehensive service includes All-In-One CRM solution for businesses to track leads, assign tasks, set reminders, generate reports, optimize sales performance and conversion rate to enhance customer management to help your business grow.

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Perfect Plan for Starters.
RM18/User / Month
  • 20 Collaborators
  • 5 Roles
  • 50 Analytics
  • 40 KPI
  • 3 Client Groups
  • 3 Client Table Column per group
  • 3000 Clients per group
  • 20 Form Templates
  • 100000 Form Submissions
  • Unlimited Appointment


True Power of Marketing
RM38/User / Month
  • 30 Collaborators
  • 8 Roles
  • 75 Analytics
  • 60 KPI
  • 5 Client Groups
  • 15 Client Table Column per group
  • 4500 Clients per group
  • 30 Form Templates
  • 150000 Form Submissions
  • Unlimited Appointment


Collaborate Professionally.
RM66/User / Month
  • 50 Collaborators
  • 15 Roles
  • 100 Analytics
  • 80 KPI
  • 10 Client Groups
  • 20 Client Table Column per group
  • 6000 Clients per group
  • 40 Form Templates
  • 200000 Form Submissions
  • Unlimited Appointment

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