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    Zumax digital is an award-winning digital agency in Malaysia. We strive to deliver the best ROI and build long lasting relationships between you and your customers. We are the agency which deliver results that you can trust.

    What You Will Get

    You will get the complete facebook marketing services start from strategy planning to review and improvement. We will make sure you get the best result that in par with your objectives. 

    1. Understand products & offers
    2. Competitive analysis
    3. Audience analysis
    4. Marketing strategy planning
    5. Headline and Copywriting
    6. Banners and Creative design
    7. Technical Advertising Setup
    8. Retargeting Ads
    9. Report, analyze and improve

    An Expert Team is Ready to Help You

    When you engage with Zumax, you will immediately get an expert team to help you on your digital marketing campaign:

    1x Account Manager

    1x Digital Marketer

    1x Creative Designer

    1x Copywriter

    1x Video editor

    Value worth up to

    Other Services that You Might Need

    Web Design

    We provide personalized web design services to maximize user experience while browsing your website.

    Google Ads

    Be seen by customers at the very moment they search on Google search engine for the things you offer.


    Rank on top with our Search Engine optimization services. We provide competitive keyword research.

    Facebook Marketing FAQ

    Frequent Questions Regarding Facebook Marketing Malaysia

    Facebook marketing is when businesses convey their products and services to Facebook users via a Facebook Page or targeted ads that appear in our Facebook feed.

    Facebook Ads are shown to people on the platform based on their location, interests, age, gender, and how often they buy things. These will be on a video we watch or a post we see in the feed.

    Yes, Facebook Ads do work for business. As a marketing channel, it is a great and cost-effective approach to reach potential consumers and convey information about your products or services.

    Zumax Digital is a professional digital marketing agency that knows the ins and outs of Facebook ads. We also have a record of helping businesses drive results on social media platforms including Facebook.

    The cost varies depending on the goal and setting of your Facebook campaign.

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