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    Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a technique for increasing the exposure rate of your website on various search engine platforms, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Because it may guarantee that your website appears in the top 10 search results, SEO plays a crucial part in your digital marketing strategy.

    Most of the information that the public receives comes from the internet. They will first search the internet for whatever it is they are interested in buying. This is when SEO takes place and influences the search result.

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    Result is Guaranteed, if not refund

    Yes, 100% guaranteed. If your desired keyword does not ranked as per contract when the contracted time has reached, we will refund all the holding deposit money to you. No question asked.


    How SEO can help your business generate more Sales and Revenue?

    We helps you to get website traffic organically, in other words, FREE traffic. Nowadays, people are using multiple digital advertisement channel such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads to get their leads and sales. 

    However, these advertisement require huge amount of investment and result does not guaranteed. 

    Although it require long term investment but the investment are relatively lower. The result however, is much more lucrative because it can last longer and do not affected buy Advertisement bidding prices. Your traffic, your leads are totally free.

    Main SEO Activities

    Our SEO services are designed to maximize your website traffic organically with our expert’s skills. Our skilled search engine optimization experts will be working very closely with you throughout the entire process.


    Research and Audit

    Research is performed to identify potential keywords and opportunity that are able to help in SEO Ranking. 

    Perform SEO Activities such as Sitemap Optimisation, Google Bot Crawling, Content Optimisation, Error page removal and more.

    Get SEO things done on off page including Reputation Management, Social Signal, and Link Building.


    Innovative Strategies

    We use special strategies to outperform your competitors. The result expected can be fast and sustainable.


    Link Building

    We have private networks that give us High Quality Backlinks which can easily boost your website ranking in no time.


    SEO Content Writing

    Our SEO content writer will help you write the best piece of content that Search Engine love the most.

    Other Services that You Might Need

    Web Design

    We provide personalized web design services to maximize user experience while browsing your website.

    Google Ads

    Be seen by customers at the very moment they search on Google search engine for the things you offer.

    facebook marketing

    Facebook Marketing

    We help you reach your business prospects with lower cost using Facebook Marketing.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FAQ

    Frequent Questions Regarding SEO Malaysia

    SEO is getting search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to tell their users that your content is the best answer to their problem. Furthurmore, it is the process of making changes to your web pages so that they show up high in Google or other search engine results.

    SEO is more crucial than ever before! It is still one of the best ways to get long-term results from digital marketing. Moreover, if you want more people to look at your website, SEO can help you do that. 

    Besides, it can also help you make more sales. boosts online visibility and brings in potential customers, which can help businesses make more money.

    Users trust search engines, and a site’s trustworthiness goes up if it shows up in the top spots for the keywords that the user is looking for. Also, SEO isn’t just about search engines; good SEO practices also make a website easier to use and better for users.

    The most important thing to have a strong online presence is a good SEO and digital marketing strategy. Firstly, SEO agencies should then use a strict monitoring process to make sure that the SEO strategy is being carried out according to the initial SEO analysis and design. Therefore, the expected organic results are achieved.

    As a recognized Digital Marketing and SEO agency, Zumax Digital uses only ethical SEO strategies and keeps track of your website’s performance using Google Analytics. Moreover, there are several aspects to this that involve undertaking technical analysis, adjusting content to match the searcher’s purpose, and implementing link audits and analysis.

    Pricing also depends on how specific and competitive your business is, as well as how much SEO work you need.

    Zumax Digital is a SEO Penang based company. We provide One-Stop SEO services not only in Penang, but Malaysia and also Worldwide.
    1. As SEO Penang company – We help business to grow locally
    2. SEO service in Malaysia – We help SME to expand their business
    3. Worldwide SEO marketing agency – We help Brand to compete in international.

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