FOUR basic tips of Instagram marketing strategies that you MUST know!!

Instagram is the platform with the highest interaction rate with followers among all social media platforms. How can you accumulate sales for your brand? The brand can include the product you want to sell, the message you want to convey, or YOURSELF!! Here are four basic tips for beginners to run your own brand on Instagram.


#TIPS 1: Make good use of related #HASHTAGS.

(Source : TopHashtags)

Using #Hashtag in a variety of ways can help you reach more users. Using hashtags allows all Instagram users to find your posts, and other users or rivals using the same hashtags will enhance visibility. Do you know? Adding hashtags to a post allows you to reach more users and thus receive more likes.


What hashtags to use depends on the content of your article. Avoid using #hashtag on unrelated issues. This is because while doing so would increase the exposure of your articles and account in the near term, it will not result in additional followers. Here are the top 10 hashtags used by the most Instagram users. You can refer to them when planning the posting for your content.

#TIPS 2: Run an Instagram ADS.

 Only postings from followers appeared when you scroll Instagram, making it impossible for new users to get beyond the problem previously. But now, the invention of Instagram ADS features not only helps your brand reach to your friends but also other potential target audience.

 Of course, it should be noted that even if you have paid for the advertisement, this does not mean that you can try to random and publish the content casually. You must clearly plan the content of your posts and the potential trackers you want to reach. You can’t simply think that buying ads can increase the chances of interacting with users. Besides, there are three main forms of Instagram ADS, which is photos, videos, and carousel ads. The word sponsored will appear beneath the account username, and a button named call to action/learn more will appear in the lower left corner. It can successfully enhance product visibility and page views to the target demographic.

#TIPS 3: Effective and make good use of EMOJI.

Do you know? Emoji are no longer restricted to young people. Almost 70% of users will use two or more emojis in their post descriptions. Therefore, the proper use of emoji can enable your brand to create the greatest value and also have a closer contact with your  target audience. According to data from social beta, love emoji is the most commonly used emoji, the second is the love eye, the third is kiss, the fourth is the tearful smile, and the fifth is the shy smile emoji.

In fact, the function of emoji is not only to express your mood when you see any post or reply to any post. It helps you to  make more extensions to your target audience when you are using a few emoji in your post description, by doing this can let the target audience get to the point quickly when you build your brand. In order to get people’s attention, you may put emoji around particular post keywords, or even before or after them.

Besides, you can use emojis to strengthen the persuading for  users to click on the Learn More button of your posts. You can also use emojis to encourage people to click on your posts’ Learn More buttons. So your IG marketing campaign is no longer just a one-sided push, but can be more customised to connect with your target audience jointly. 

#TIPS 4: Mark your LOCATION in your Instagram posts or stories.

The location can be included to the hashtags ( city where you are or where you took the photo or video). By doing so, you may ensure that your Instagram posts and images are seen by consumers who share your location. Apart from that, merchants or businesses can add their location hashtags to their Instagram stories. If you use location stickers in your stories, you may change the font and colour to match your stories.

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