Instagram Is No Longer A Photo Sharing App, Going Into New Ventures

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri has recently stated that Instagram is no longer a photo sharing application. In order to remain competitive with social media apps that are out there such as TikTok and Youtube, the company decided to lean into and focus more on video content in order to further entertain users. 

New features are being built in order to facilitate the fast-paced world trends and ever growing users of the application. Instagram will now be focusing on building new experiences in four different key areas which are the creators, video, shopping and messaging. 

The platform will also aid creators in trying to help individuals make a living with content. Creators will soon be able to post content exclusively to paid subscribers. This feature is similar to Twitter’s super follow and this means that creators now have another avenue to monetise their content. 

A number of changes will also be done in the video department. In which the app will start to test out different video layouts on being more immersive and mobile focused. Earlier, the company had already started to introduce Reels which was no doubt inspired by TikTok.

Instagram will also be experimenting more on their recommendation algorithm over the next two months. They have begun trying to recommend profiles and pictures that you have yet to follow in order to discover new profiles passively. 

Furthermore, the shopping changes in Instagram are also a part of Facebook’s commitment to focus more on e-commerce features. As Facebook recently introduced their new e-commerce features to get products more easily discovered by customers in order to increase sales. The ability to synchronise between Instagram and Facebook means that small and medium enterprises will be able to take advantage of two social media giants in one convenient online store.

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