Memer Era! MEME Become A New Trend of Social Media Marketing.

What is MEME?

Do you regularly see humorous images on Facebook and Instagram, such animals crying, dogs angry, black question marks? Do you know? These are not ordinary “funny photos”. These images are frequently used in marketing materials to narrow the audience’s distance, thus the name “MEME”.

(Source: Emily Mame, Twitter)


When many customers try to avoid all ads, various media and marketers have employed memes to target those hard-to-reach consumers. Do you know? In reality, professional “meme marketers” use meme marketing to create material that is appealing, relevant, and amusing to today’s audience.


On social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, memes are usually implanted in the form of GIF or static pictures, and the content is familiar themes, meanings or phenomena that people are familiar with. The picture usually comes from the current popular real-time emoticons,events screenshotted.

For example, It can be an impressive picture of a well-known official or celebrity in a TV activity (ugly, stinky face, ridiculous behavior, etc.), or it can be a pet such as a cat. dogs, etc., show their 10,000 emotions with different facial expressions. 

(Source: JW Academics, Facebook)

Recently, the popcat game also used the meme cat character as the game character for different countries to play it. A person on twitter tweeted a video of this cat on the Internet some years ago and the cat was effective in scaring insects and quickly grew in popularity by its cute expression.

In other words, this thing is evolving into a more permanent culture, since media content can no longer escape. In short, the scope is very wide, therefore if someone can turn real-time hot topics into a meme and use them as marketing content, then the exposure opportunities of his/her content will be even greater.

(Source: Meme of the day, Reddit)

Because the source of a meme changes everyday, a new meme will be produced daily, with the potential to connect with a specific person on a certain day. As a consequence, new marketers or firms need not be concerned about not having a client base yet since, as long as they have enough on-site creativity and real-time tracking speed, they may create a meme and win first. It’s important to get traction with your meme and creative views among existing users, who will become core fans.

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