Why is Tik Tok so popular? Four advantages of Tik Tok marketing!

Tiktok began to dominate the top three global popular apps in the 1920s, and marketing leaders began to have a strong interest in social networks.

In the global market, TikTok’s monthly active users are close to 800 million, and the number of downloads has doubled this year! Why has TikTok become popular in recent years and become one of everyone’s first choices? That must be because it integrates the functions of Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc., so it has become popular among young people of the Z generation! So why do young people like to play Tik Tok? that is because:

1. Short video entertainment is the primary factor. 

TikTok features 15-second videos the majority of the time. Once you open TikTok, you’re hit with a giant wave of amateur clips. Most videos are of teens miming to music or talking about school, their obsessions, or their love interests. These materials have no relevance for anyone who is over the age of 20. But for older generations, it has the potential to get millions of views too.

(Source: How- to apps)

2. Various types of content.

Because the Tik Tok platform has grown very fast and successfully, several high-profile businesses and celebrities have gotten involved. The number of new and casual followers for several celebrities including Andy Lau quickly surpassed the millions mark in a short period of time. As Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, launched Tik Tok and utilised it to distribute a lot of information about conducting business, Alibaba, and Taobao, he began utilising the platform to talk about his entrepreneurial journey.

On the other hand, what really makes Tik Tok such a winner is that it may feature virtually any kind of material (with the exception of pornography, violence, and politics), including comedy, hobbies, fitness, travel, music, photography, dance, and so on. It is a major issue. An individual’s varied passions might create a “model” of video material that people can obtain exposure from and share with one other.

(Source: Search Engines Journal)

3. Tik Tok’s music is amazing.

Why is the content of Tik tok so gorgeous? Music is believed to play at least 50% of the time! You can try muting your phone and listening to the vibration for 10 minutes. What are your thoughts?

“Music influences people’s emotions in certain ways,” according to Juslin, initially through the first “brainstem reflex,” that is, once our brainstem captures a feature of music, the brainstem will adopt this characteristic. Recognized as critical or urgent information. 

The second reason is that there is a “resonance” between the circadian cycle and the beat of the music. Under the external music rhythm, certain of our human circadian cycles (such as heartbeat) are synced with music. For instance, you may attend a live band concert or a nightclub to dance to the music. 

Then the third one is the visual imagination. This melody is simple to grasp. When we hear music, we may link it with other visual sceneries, causing visuals related to these experiences to emerge. Of course, there are several more concepts at work here. 

As a result, once the brain is coupled with the content of the video itself under the aural sensory stimulation of music, some not-so-appealing films may suddenly provide us with a plethora of new knowledge.

(Source: Android Authority)

4. Tik Tok content has a minimal barrier to entry and is simple to replicate.

The most unexpected aspect about Tik Tok is not that it first encouraged certain internet superstars to create some really beautiful PUGC videos. To be honest, anyone with a little money can do it. What is remarkable is that Tik Tok may make deliberate judgments, sacrificing some content quality in return for a high frequency of material. This indicates that Tik Tok has been criticized for some time, and the content is no longer as interesting as it once was. This may alternatively be seen as Tik Tok sacrificing a tree in return for a whole forest.

All of Tik Tok’s material is simple to mimic and copy, so that everyone in the ordinary may see the possibilities of expressing themselves, whether at home, in the office, or in the bedroom. You may express yourself to your heart’s content whether you are tall, short, obese, or skinny. TikTok leverages video to empower a new generation of young people to express themselves.

(Source: Campaign Asia)

In conclusion, a significant increase in Tik Tok short video creators has caused the birth of a significant new class of internet celebrities. This has also fostered the emergence of a new kind of internet celebrity economy. Tik Tok’s quick increase with commodities is not a coincidence; rather, it’s a pattern. Most importantly are, wen in Tik Tok, short videos help people to sell their products and branding. 

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