What is the best way to use Facebook ads? Five easy steps to Facebook ads placement!

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are now the two largest advertising platforms on the Internet. Numerous business owners prioritise these two options when making a decision. While Adwords provides a number of benefits, the cost is sometimes prohibitive. Moreover, CPC (Advertising Cost Per Click) might range between RM900 and RM1800 based on previous customer experience. Are you certain that these clicks will result in the website receiving more than RM900 in orders? And, in most cases, the majority of clicks will result in little value to the website.


With regards to Facebook, because of its massive user base, billions of people will be exposed to the advertisement each month. Each user spends an average of at least one hour every day on Facebook. Naturally, the collected volume of data and client data has a tremendous economic worth as well. Thus, the massive volume of data created by the above data gathering might assist businesses who serve advertising on this platform in more precisely targeting their viewers. As a result, 96 percent of community operators globally feel that Facebook is the most powerful marketing platform. Now, let’s simply know the five simple steps to advertise in Facebook ads manager(Link to Facebook Help Center regarding Ads manager) :


1. Evaluate the budget

To begin, consider the following simple questions:

How much does your product or service cost? How many sales are you hoping to make? How is your conversion rate currently? We may then approximate a basic budget point using the numbers above.


2. Set an advertising campaign

Click on the Advertising Campaign -> “Create” button.

Enter the marketing activity page, the purpose of this marketing activity appears first on the first page. If you want customers to complete the purchase action, you can choose “Conversion”;

if you want to increase exposure, you can choose “Engagement”;

if you simply want more people to enter the website, you can choose “Traffic”.


3. Ads. Setting

Following that, we arrived at a choice about the advertising audience, advertising budget, and scheduling settings, as well as an understanding of how Facebook advertising costs are computed.

The first is budget and scheduling; for your advertisement, you may choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget. Then specify the start and finish dates, and the estimated daily result, which includes Reach and Post Engagement, will appear alongside. Assuming that you wish to spend RM1000 in total and run this campaign for one month, and the daily advertising budget is RM33, you may specify the budget and schedule below.

Following that is Audience, which is a critical component of advertising settings. If it is set correctly, it will effectively boost conversion rates; if it is not set correctly, the money will be wasted with no effects. Geographic and demographic characteristics help you target advertising audiences: Geographic variables pertain to geographic areas; demographic variables, on the other hand, refer to information such as age and hobbies.

Assume you own a flower shop in Penang and wish to promote to individuals looking to purchase flowers for their mothers in the run-up to Mother’s Day. You can specify the location as seen in the following image: Penang, between the ages of 18 and 35. After specifying the audience’s age, there are specific target settings (as seen above). Using more detailed circumstances, you may determine the audience’s probable interests and status.

As you can see, there is a column next to the size of the advertising audience that indicates the number of possible reach, and Facebook will also indicate whether the audience size choice is optimal. The cursor in the preceding image is directed at the green block, which displays Facebook Assess; the red block indicates that you are concentrated on a single thing, while the yellow block indicates that you are wide.

4. Create advertisements.

Finally, we’ve arrived to the area for advertisement layout and content customization! You may either make a new advertising or repurpose existing postings. For example, assuming this choice for you wish to produce new advertisement postings

To begin, you must decide which fan club you wish to promote for. If you currently have administrator powers to a fan club and wish to promote, this section will be straightforward. Select an advertisement format: For demonstration purposes, it is separated into “single picture or video collection,” which is the simplest and most frequent type.

Generally, the simpler the advertising is if it does not intend to generate unique effects, the better. Typically, the user is continuously sifting through the several information streams, and the amount of time available for advertising is rather limited. If the information cannot be compressed into a simple image, it is conveyed in a single sentence. Do you believe consumers will have the patience to pause and thoroughly study each word?

Simply click “Publish” and you’re finished!

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