Several New Year Marketing techniques! CNY promote strategies.

2021 is finally over! But the annual brand CNY marketing is already underway or is about to be underway. As the eve of CNY approaches, how should the brand’s CNY Festival marketing be done?

Let’s start to talk about the important factors of the brand’s CNY and marketing campaigns, and we will discuss them in turn. How to use the festival point of CNY to start the marketing battle of the brand CNY?

The first analysis is the crowd.

Likewise, before making a brand marketing formulation. Let’s first sort out the general categories of people who can participate in brand marketing activities in CNY.

The first is migrant workers returning home.

Migrant workers returning home from work in big cities (such as Singapore). In recent years, the development of real estate in the urban area has been booming. Various major projects want to sell their houses during the CNY period for those returning home from the front lines, and various activities of “returning home to buy a home” are aimed at such people.

The second is middle-aged people in townships.

That is to say, in third- and fourth-tier cities, most families are parents and children who go out to work and take care of their children at home 365 days a year. The heavy responsibility of the family’s daily necessities and the supplies they need to buy during the holidays naturally falls on them. . Therefore, the activities of buying New Year’s goods and giving wine as gifts can target such people.

The second analysis is the scene.

It is a Chinese tradition to give gifts to relatives during Chinese New Year and festivals. In this link, gift-giving becomes a way of social communication, so you can do slogans like “bring PEPSI home in the New Year”, “gold grandpa gift basket to send warmth” and so on. used in your product.

The third analysis is behavior.

For example, Pepsi’s “bring love home” is to bring some gifts to relatives at home after working for a year. Melatonin’s advertising slogan is “to satisfy people during the CNNY Festival, give gifts, celebrate auspicious years, drink red cans of Wanglaoji”, which reflects people’s good meaning for the new year.

You see, the slogan of each brand’s main brand is to meet the user’s consumption goals, so that there will be users’ consumption behavior. Either to meet the user’s gift, or to meet the user’s good meaning for the new year, or to meet the user’s party needs.

The fourth analysis is resonance.

When it comes to resonance, it is actually saying what most people think during the CNY Festival. For example, last year, we advocated celebrating the New Year in place. Although many people really want to go home, in order not to bring potential danger to the country, community and family, many people are willing to celebrate the New Year in place.

So what is the resonance point of your brand that can arouse users in the CNY Festival marketing battle? Is it family affection, gift giving, nostalgia, or a good meaning for the coming year?

The fifth analysis is influence.

When it comes to influence, it is actually whether the brand can let consumers influence their current perception of the brand based on the brand’s past marketing behavior during the CNY Festival holiday. For example, when people talk about Grandpa Jin now, they can think of giving gifts. When it comes to 100 PLUS, you can think of supplementary energy.

The sixth analysis is IP.

Brand IP, as the name suggests, is a symbol exclusive to the brand, users can think of the brand as long as they see this IP. Brand IP can be a commercial, a virtual character, a song, or even a catchy slogan.

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