6 ways to drive traffic for physical stores!

If you are running a brick-and-mortar store, what are the sources of offline brick-and-mortar store traffic?

The first is organic traffic, the second is marketing promotion, and the third is word-of-mouth referrals.

Here are 6 ways to attract traffic to let you do physical marketing.

A. Free gifts

First, don’t make money and attract people first, and then you can actively add customers’ Whatsapp, or use store advertisements to guide them to consume other products, and then talk about profit.

For example: Supermarkets are newly opened, offering very low-priced eggs and oil in barrels. There are restaurants too, with a special offer on a poster at the door. The purpose of this is to attract traffic, build popularity!

B. Vouchers

Find a better advertising printing company, print some coupons (with a QR code, which can be your own WeChat), and find a third-party merchant to cooperate. You can directly help him print the coupons and go to him to discuss cooperation.

For example: if you sell electrical appliances, you can put coupons in furniture stores. At the same time you help the furniture store to issue coupons. If you are running a restaurant, foot bath, or KTV, you can go to the front desk of the surrounding hotel to issue a voucher.

C. Sponsor gifts from other businesses.

Go to the surrounding businesses and tell their bosses that you can spend whatever you want there, you can send gifts, and you can pick them up in your store.

Don’t be afraid, just follow this set of methods to make customers pay!

First: how to persuade others to cooperate with you;

Second: How to convince customers who come to receive the prize to add money to buy (redemption bait rules).

D. Free experience

Like free courses. Children-related products can be drained by experience courses. In the entertainment industry, such as amusement, KTV, bars, etc., free trials are required at the beginning of the opening.

Because of Facebook, free events spread quickly, and hardcore customers in your community/moments can help you forward them, and the probability of everyone participating is high.

E. Customer forwarded

Why do customers forward? Because customers are very active in groups/moments, forwarding is beneficial. As long as you communicate with customers attentively, customers can easily forward it for you because there is trust.

F. Free services method

We have to learn to discover everyone’s needs in life, and at the same time we have no cost. For example: send and receive express delivery for free in the community, and modify trousers for free in shopping malls.

The above are 6 ways to attract traffic to brick-and-mortar stores. There must be one that suits you, you don’t need to do everything, just choose one, practice repeatedly, and the effect is very good.

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