Three ways to promote your YouTube channel! YouTube channel promotion guide

While creating a YouTube channel is not difficult, gaining more views and fans is. It’s infuriating if you know how to generate high-quality material and submit videos but aren’t seeing the results you want.

Increasing views and subscribers requires time and patience, as well as some skills and tactics. Let’s discuss how to differentiate your channel and increase its visibility via social media and other channels.

Three ways or stages for promoting your products and services on your YouTube channel are as follows:

1. Request to Action

YouTube offers a variety of features to assist you in “inviting” viewers to take action. You want viewers to your YouTube channel to remain for an extended period of time. This is especially critical if they enter via a side door or stumble on a video and then click to your page. You want people to return and consume all of the material you provide on a frequent basis. The following are some of the several call-to-action tools available on YouTube:

  • A) Function of the subscription channel

  • B) View more video features

As you can see, YouTube also enables you to include a call to action encouraging viewers to like, share, and comment on your video.

  • C) Annotation feature on YouTube

The most effective approach to include a call to action into a YouTube video is to make advantage of the annotation function. These are tiny text bubbles that appear in the midst of the video and allow viewers to click at any time:

You have total control over when these annotations appear, how long they remain visible, where they appear on the video, and the text contained inside the annotations. YouTube includes a comprehensive help section on how to create and modify annotations.

2. The importance of embedding and sharing

Why should you reject someone who adores your film and wishes to include it into their own post or website?

Because you may indeed select whether to allow or restrict embedding, always pick “Allow.” It can only be beneficial.

Most essential, wherever possible, encourage people to embed your video. While it’s understandable that you want to ensure that any other website or outlet that utilises your video gives you due credit, making your movie freely available to other sites can only benefit your brand and channel as a whole.

3. Advertisements on Channels

(Source: Hootsuite Blog)

What better method to advertise your YouTube channel than to enlist YouTube’s assistance? When you submit a video, you have the option of selecting one for your channel ad, which effectively informs YouTube that the video may be used to advertise YouTube.

This enables you to simply select a video for your channel ad and receive free exposure on YouTube. This is a straightforward and mutually beneficial connection that requires no effort on your part yet is frequently overlooked.

In the upcoming issue, I’ll discuss how to use Google Ads to promote YouTube channels. Keep an eye out.

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