What is DRIP Marketing? How to built a successful DRIP Marketing campaign?

Drip Marketing refers to a marketing method that communicates information bit by bit to potential buyers, breaking through their rejection of the product, gradually growing intrigued, and finally taking action.


For instance, when someone downloads a pdf on social media business plan from your website, you begin sending him monthly letters, the substance of which is a series of social media management tips. A clear CTA (Call to Action) was included in the message to encourage him to seek a live sample of your social media management package, app, or to request further information about the service.

Therefore, how do you conduct a DRIP marketing campaign?

To begin, Establish Objectives.

To begin, you must consider your objective carefully. Is it to capture a fresh lead? Do you still have to engage in cross-selling? This step must be precise; else, the subsequent step will be fruitless!

List a few commonly used goals:

  1. Continue to spread information about new services or goods. B2B is frequently utilised, for example, lead nurturing email campaigns are frequently used to capture new leads.
  2. The service has been activated successfully. New clients may easily access or import new services into the business, and the material frequently includes welcome letters, instructional letters, and how-to guides.
  3. Revenue redemption: This is a term that is frequently used in e-commerce. It may refer to a sequence of promotional activities or a reminder to consumers to check out the items in their shopping cart as quickly as possible.
  4. Compile satisfaction or feedback from customers.


Second, establish your intended audience.

A frequently used marketing strategy is to provide the appropriate message to the appropriate person at the appropriate moment

When enrolling consumers in your Drip Marketing Campaign, you may consider the following:

  1. What type of behaviour did he exhibit that warranted my admission?
  2. What are the sources of his anguish?
  3. What is the objective he is pursuing or the issue he is attempting to resolve?
  4. What am I hoping he does once he has read Email?

Third, establish the frequency and quantity of interactions.

To put it another way, it means that you must send a few letters out on a regular basis. There is no set standard for this section, as industry and objectives vary significantly.

In general, 310 times is a relatively typical setting, and the interval might be three days, five days, or even fourteen days.


Fourth, write material that has been thoroughly researched.

The letter’s content must correspond to the circumstances and concepts described in the preceding phases; why was it sent to him? How frequently do you wish to post? How should the material of each posting be organised? Bring in as much personal information as possible, but avoid cramming it all into one thought.


Fifth, don’t forget to provide a break point.

When someone completes your desired activity, allow him to exit the Drip Marketing Campaign, at which point he will cease receiving follow-up emails.

This returns me to the initial point about goal setting. The entire campaign is designed to accomplish your objective and enable the subject to execute the stated activity. If all you want to do is spread it out of your mind, you don’t even need to study Drip Marketing.

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