Why is Namewee’s “Fragile Pinky Heart玻璃心” so successful? Succesful Hype marketing technique!

The satirical “Little Pink” song “Fragile Pinky Heart” was performed by Malaysian “controversial” singer Namewee and Australian Chinese singer Kimberley Chen. After being published to the YouTube channel one month ago, the number of views has surpassed 30 million, and it has risen to the top of the world’s most popular YouTube charts. The only Chinese song on the list is in 14th place.

The song’s appeal was attributed to the fact that it “sung the voice of the China and Taiwan people,” according to a current affairs pundit. However, from a marketing standpoint, this also includes a suspicion of “hype,” or the use of the heat of China-Taiwan relations to get hits. So, how do celebrities employ “hype marketing” to stay popular?

One example is rumour amplification.

Rumour amplification

This should be the most typical strategy in the celebrity hype procedure. Many celebrities, for the sake of publicity, set up a CP(couple) while filming a movie, rumoured a scandal if they didn’t comply, and then inflated again by clarifying the scandal. This strategy has been tried and proven, and the audience finds it appealing.

Second, there’s the privacy craze.

Privacy craze

At order to gain attention, some celebrities may mistakenly expose their privacy in variety performances or on other occasions, or they may purposefully allow the media to probe into their personal lives for publicity.

Pinch hype is number three.

Pinch hype between taylor swift and kanye west

Some stars openly tore and pinch to please the viewers’ idea that it is not too big to witness the excitement. In actuality, the two had no genuine enmity for each other, only a desire for publicity.

Fourth, there is the method of heated speculation.

Heated speculation

The popularity of well-known celebrities, the red carpet, and excessive publicity are all employed. In general, only unknown celebrities will do this in order to hone their public image.

Fifthly, Unexpected hype

Unexpected Hype

Pretend to be naked by accident, fall down, or dress up to show off your physique. Many female celebrities rely on this type of promotion, which makes them appear a little filthy.

Sixth, the suspense hype

Suspense hype

Taylor Swift is a representation of this celebrity hype routine; let the news out first to whet your thirst. The response is then widely disseminated, and the topic’s popularity usually grows exponentially after brewing.

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