How can we write sensual creative copywriting?List of 8 creative ways to write copy for advertising

An article, advertisement gives some kind of information, and what the information has is creative copywriting, which is used to make people want to read  and click on it. Good creative copywriting for advertising is the key to getting people to click on your ads. Only when it catches people’s attention and makes them want to sense. Follow-up consultations and changes to the page you were on may be linked to.

So, how can we write high-quality and sultry creative copywriting for ads that people will like? Here is a list of 8 creative ways to write copy for advertising:

1. Interactive behavior

If you want people to click on an advertisement, you can make them think about or do something based on the description of the ad.

Example: Zumax Digital provides one-stop service, if you need to know, please leave a message pm!

2. “How to” question type

“How” is a way to describe the pain points or needs that people have. Generally, the goal is to make people want to click, ask questions with titles, and describe the answers.

Example: How do you come up with ideas that get a lot of clicks? To watch for free, click.

3. Brand endorsement

Influential institutions and organisations can be used to write ideas that make people more trustful, which leads to more clicks for brand keywords like institutions and manufacturers.

Example: Co-produced with 100PLUS, co-sponsored by Milo and Nescafe

4. Cause impact

Show people how the pr

oduct will work, and use third-party settings to make people want to buy it.

Example: People who worked together turned out to be dictators in the area, and I had a dead salary of a few dollars.

5. Image analogy

To make the benefits of the product even bigger, project a symbol on top of it.

Example: Still envious of how others can sell things? Then you should contact Zumax Digital, we won’t lose any digital marketing of other company at all!

6. Conditional stimulus

Zero barriers, no experience, and other conditions make it easy for people to get what they want.

Example: People who want to start a business in Penang need to find a place. You don’t need any experience to work for Zumax Digital. You get tens of thousands of dollars a day, and you get all of your help from the company’s headquarters in one place.

7. Numerical List

Use numbers to make the user’s eyes move, which will make them want to click. Applicable to price terms, such as highlighting how cost-effective something is or giving it away for free.

Example: Qualified Digital Marketer training: 30 course updates, 300 core test sites, 100% professional certification!

8. Interest stimulus

Directly show the value of divorce and make customers want to buy more.

Example: After my wife joined the project, she made RM 8 million  a year, and now I quit my job to be her assistant!

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