What does SEO mainly do? SEO staff’s daily life!

The primary goal of SEO is to increase ranks and traffic. Ultimately, it must be to increase brand awareness or to increase sales conversion. Indeed, the task of SEO is quite tedious, since it revolves mostly around ranking and visitors.

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1. Advertising copywriting

This can be considered the fundamental work. Because search engines like Google are not required to generate their own unique material, but rather the stuff that they do not include, creating a large amount of copywriting is easy. Moreover, copying, pasting, changing keywords, and changing synonyms  is a well-known technique.

2. Create a design

As a website manager or SEO specialist, you must be able to create images, as you can never rely on others. The image we seek does not require a great deal of technical detail; often, just two points are necessary (1, it is a picture; 2, does not violate the content of the article or page)

3. HTML programming language

The term “computer language” refers to the fact that certain websites are so bad for SEO that SEO personnel must rewrite certain codes. Even if you are a total novice, you will eventually learn HTML, divs, and CSS!

4. Conduct a basic search engine analysis of the website.

Keep a watch out for things like website snapshots, inclusions, external links, and ranking modifications, among other things, at all times..

5. Analyses of web traffic

As an SEO, you must understand how to evaluate traffic search phrases, frequency of page visits, length of stay and location of users, and so on. Only in this manner can you develop pertinent tactics for optimising your website’s search engine optimization rating!

6. Website log analysis

Always keep an eye on how Google spiders are crawling your site, whether there is an issue with the 404 page, and so on.

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