Couple bundling marketing! How CP Marketing happens?

Couple marketing, or CP marketing, has recently become a highly popular strategy in China. There are two types of CP marketing situations.

The first is when a company hires a famous pair to serve as brand ambassadors.

Celebrity couples can be genuine couples, such as Yang Zi and Li Xian from the highly famous TV programme Go Go Squid , or they can be screen couples, such as Yang Zi and Li Xian from the super popular TV show Go Go Squid . They may take advantage of both the celebrity’s separate fan bases as well as the strong feelings fans have for the pair by doing so.

The second type of CP marketing occurs when one brand partners with another, becoming a pair.

This, like any other cross-collaboration, will assist increase the campaign’s visibility, and the relationship component generally adds a fun, buzzworthy tale. Netizens are frequently urged to add to the plot or create memes, resulting in an increase in the volume of brand-related UGC on the Internet.

In late March, for example, Hey Tea sponsored a fortunate draw and chose a winner who was a fan of another new beverage brand, Chayan Yuese (the user’s Weibo ID featured the tea brand’s name. Because Hey Tea’s mascot is a young boy sipping tea, and Chayan Yuese’s mascot is a young woman, this created a lot of buzz, and netizens tried to ship them, saying that Hey Tea was chasing Chayan Yuese.

The third is the notion of CP began in Japanese anime culture, grew via the ACG community, and eventually became popular (it reminds me of Americans “shipping” a relationship).

Everything is permitted to be linked. It doesn’t matter if they are actually in a relationship; what matters is that the thought of it makes people happy.

Young people are using the phrase “coupling” as a slang term. A popular Chinese expression is “Ke CP,” which means “watching couples on social media in the hopes that they get married in real life or have a nice relationship forever.” Ke CP has become a source of joy for many people. This expresses people’s desire for a healthy connection and their dread of being lonely.

CP marketing assists businesses in aligning themselves with youthful consumers; by recruiting couples, brands may establish common subjects with customers and become more relevant; and by personifying the brand, brands can become more relatable.

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