Zumax Digital have move to the new office!

We have moved to the new office!

In the past year, there have been many changes at Zumax Digital. We moved into our new office on the 1st of June 2022, after months of planning and hard work.

We moved a little ways away, so our address has changed. We are in the Wisma Leader building based in Penang.

Zumax Digital keeps growing, and as a natural result, we needed more room. Our new office is a lot bigger than our old one and gives us a lot more space to work. Also, they are bigger, more modern, and more comfortable.

The fact that our team was growing was a big reason why we decided to move. We went from having five employees to having fifteen in 2022. This meant that we needed more space for desks, meeting rooms, and common areas. We’ve added a few more people to our team since we moved, and we’re always getting bigger.

Come on! Here I show you the journey of our new office~

As soon as you step out of the elevator, you can see the shiny logo of Zumax Digital in the distance.


Let’s get into Zumax Digital new office more!

  • First, you will see the big shiny sign from Zumax Digital! zumax digital logo
  • Then, Seating area of office
zumax digital - hardworking team
Zumax partners who are fighting for the team!
  • The Pantry of office

    Came to the office early in the morning and saw the table full of breakfast, boss, I love you.
  • The meeting room of office, We have our daily and weekly team meetings here, which makes everyone on the team happy. When there is no meeting, they are free to watch dramas on TV.
Let’s have a serious meeting together!
  • But our people are more important than our office because they make it a fun place to work. We have a great team of people who think creatively, are motivated, get things done, and want to keep learning. Come and meet the group! A group photo of the Zumax Team in front of the logo.
zumax digital - hustle team
Zumax Digital Hustle Team

We see moving into our new office as the start of a new part of our story. Thank you for being with us as we’ve grown!

If you’re around here, feel free to stop by and say hey to us! 🙂

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