Facebook will discontinue its live shopping function?

Beginning on October 1, Facebook will stop offering its live shopping function. Which enables broadcasters to broadcast and sell products to audiences.

Facebook adds that it is focusing more on Reels on Facebook and Instagram. Meta’s short-form video product, because of the shift in customer watching habits. Live shopping features will no longer be offered on Facebook, but it will continue to be offered on Instagram.

Facebook Live will still allow users to broadcast live events, but they won’t be able to add goods to playlists or tag them in live recordings.

Many Malaysian live broadcasters are very nervous, but in fact, Facebook’s decision this time has no impact in Malaysia. Because first, this measure is only implemented in the US. Secondly, the “shopping cart” function announced to be cancelled has never been provided to Malaysia user. Therefore, the comment “PM” “+1+2” used by our Malaysian business live broadcast is still available.

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