On Page SEO: Best Content Optimization 2022

Content optimization is one of the most important parts of On-Page SEO optimization. Only good content will get people to watch, and one of the main reasons search engines will boost your page ranking is if you give people useful information. Because of this, we focus a lot on the quality of the content, good articles, and higher rankings. This is also known as “content is king” and “external chain is king.”

Keep making original article

Original articles are what search engines like to see most. Google will see duplicate content in articles that have been copied or reposted, so original articles usually have a higher ranking (of course, provided that the original article has substantial content).

Also, updating original articles with a certain amount of regularity can get search engine crawler spider to visit your website more often, which can draw more attention to your website from Google Search Engines.

Besides, if you keep writing original articles, you will often get more and different side of site traffic because of them. In general, we call these “long tail keywords.

For example, if your whole website is about Google Ads and this article is about “2022 Google Ads Tutorial,” your article may come up when people search for “2012 google ads” which is often published in Original articles and this is the benefits of using the longtail keywords.

Website with a lot of original content and long-tail keyword, which means that the website has a lot of (high) quality content and can give users a lot of useful information. This can help a website’s rank higher on Google Search Engines.

To sum up, here are some reasons why it’s good to publish original articles often:

  • Original Articles are important for site SEO.
  • More people search for long-tail keywords.
  • Rich content of a website.

These are the benefits of publish Original Articles. Next, let’s discuss how to write a High Quality Article to optimize the on-page SEO.

How to write a high quality article?

1. Create unique classification

Using SEO as an example, you can create different types of classified information, such as: SEO skills, Google SEO, Yahoo SEO, Bing SEO, etc. Besides, write different kinds and theme of articles for each type of category. Remember that all of your categories should be about the same content (Good for SEO) or related things, so that your website has a lot of different opinion to talk about, remember it must be make sense.

If it’s a website for e-commerce, you can keep it fresh with new information by adding case study, Q&A encyclopedias, related news info, etc.

2. Rich keyword density in content

The article’s content should be written with keywords that fit the category, and the category should be followed by the main focus keyword. In this way, the article’s content will have a structure that is related to it in a wide range of ways.

As an example, when your article is labelled as Google SEO, it must be written with Google SEO in mind. Last but not least, the article needs to be written over a long time, and it needs to be built up around the keyword over and over again.

3. Number of keywords

The number of keywords in an article will affect where it ranks for the target keywords. One of the known algorithm factors is the number of keywords. So, if an article is about Google SEO, the article will use the two words Google SEO.

There must be a certain number (remember not to stack keywords without reason), and the more keywords the better. If there are too many keywords, search engines will think the site is trying to cheat, while if there aren’t enough keywords, search engines will think the site isn’t relevant to the target keyword.

Moreover, the enough keyword density shouldn’t make descriptions hard to read or sound unnatural. Most of the time, the recommended range for keyword density is between 2% and 8%. However, this range are not exact.

4. Keyword in Title Tags

on page seo

Titles with keywords can help users (or search engines results page) understand what the page is about. For example, if someone is looking for 2022 Google SEO and there are two articles with the titles the latest Google SEO algorithm update and Google SEO algorithm update 2022 updated, which one would you choose? Clearly, you should use the second one. So, you should put the keyword you want to and emphasise it in the title (Google, SEO, 2022 in this example).

5. How the article starts is important.

on page seo

The most important part of an article is the first paragraph. However, search results usually use the first paragraph of text as the “Description” (if you don’t have a other setting), and most people will click on the link, read the first paragraph of text, and then decide if they want to keep reading your blog post. Go on, so that your target keyword can start at the first paragraph and the whole article. Doing a full description will also change how search engines (users) rate the article.

6. Not just text can be a keyword.

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Keywords can be described in more ways than just words. You can use different kinds of pictures and videos to show it. A good article has pictures, text, and videos. Therefore, this gives the blogpost different kinds of content, which search engines like a lot.

It is because search engines like to combine different kinds of content, just like we like to put a lot of different things together. Well, this is how google search engines figure out how to rate a websites and helps to figure out what regular people like.


Yes, now I’m going to do a final summary of this article now. In this article, summary that the beginning and the end of the article are both very important. Many people go straight to the end of an article, which may or may not affect how search engines rank it, so the order of a good SEO page optimization is:

  • The title has keywords
  • The article starts with a summary of the contents.
  • Keywords are the focus of article content.
  • Write a summary of the whole thing at the end.

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